Degas The Dance Class Focal Bracelet


Copper Cuff Bracelet Featuring the 1874 Painting The Dance Class.

  • 1" wide x 6" long
  • Adjusts to any size wrist
  • Anti Tarnish Coated Copper
  • Degas The Dance Class Image
  • Free Gift Box

If you love the work of Degas you will love our new Degas cuff style bracelet. This uniquely designed bracelet feature the painting The Dance Class painted in 1874. One of his most recognized works, this Degas painting shows Ballet dancers at rehearsal, resting, stretching and even adjusting their hair, ribbons or an earring as their instructor, Jules Perrot, a real-life ballet master is instructing them. This painting has been beautifully reproduced on lightly textured copper which has been diamond cut for sparkle and shine. The bracelet is adjustable and fits most wrists. Pair this art bracelet with the matching Dance Class Earrings for a unique Degas lover gift idea.

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas was born in 1834 in Paris France to a wealthy family. Rejecting his father's wishes for become a lawyer, he went to Italy in 1854 to study the art of the masters. His paintings were exhibited at the Paris Salon beginning in 1865 but attracted little attention until he transitioned to more contemporary subjects. Although he is considered one of the founders of impressionism, he did not identify himself with other impressionists of his time and always painted indoors due to poor eyesight and sensitivity to light. Dancer on Stage with a Bouquet was created in 1876 and is a pastel on paper. It is one of his many works featuring ballet dancers, a favorite subject, and one which he is most famous for. In his later years he turned to sculpture because of his failing eyesight and produced over 150 wax images including his famous The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer. Degas died in Paris in 1917 at the age of 83.

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Laure Kottman
Beautiful dancers

Thank you so much for the lovely Degas dancers cuff bracelet. It’s really beautiful! So nice to be able to wear a piece of art. Thanks so much!!