Piet Mondrian Abstract Art Scarf

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Show your contemporary style in our abstract Art Scarf in the Finest Chiffon Featuring a Painting by Piet Mondrian.

  • Polyester Chiffon
  • Abstract Art Print Vibrant on Both Sides
  • 18" x 64" (45cm x 163cm)
  • Hand Washable

Our Abstract Art Chiffon Scarf features one of Piet Mondrian's compositions done in the latter part of his career between 1930 and his death in 1941. The primary colors and strong geometric black and white patterns make an attractive scarf which will compliment many outfits and jackets. This scarf is made of the finest poly chiffon with vivid print on both sides. It is a great choice for art teachers, art students and any art enthusiasts of all ages.

Piet Mondrian - 1872 - 1944

Piet Mondrian was a highly influential Dutch painter who is known for being one of the pioneers of 20th-century abstract art. He was introduced to art at an early age as his father was an artist and teacher in the Netherlands. His early works were local landscapes, but he began to develop his own style which was influenced by his philosophical beliefs that the spiritual world was directly accessible through the development of the inner self. Mondrian moved to Paris in 1911 where his style was influenced by Cubism. After the onset of World War II he moved to New York where he lived until his death; this is where he created his most iconic works. At this point his style was pure abstraction and non-representation and he used a primary color palette of Red, Yellow and Blue with Black lines and pure white space. Piet died in 1944 yet his legacy lives on in the fashions of Yves Saint Laurent, the L’Oreal cosmetics line and our Piet Mondrian Necktie.