Monet Water Lilies Limited Edition Circle Earrings


Fashion Forward Circular Monet Water Lilies Earrings with Cutouts.

  • 2" long x 1 1/4" wide 
  • Coated Copper Base 
  • Monet Water Lilies Image 
  • Copper Embellished Stainless Steel Earring Wires 
  • Free Gift Box

Monet produced many Water Lilies paintings and these earrings feature a beautiful version with green reflections and pink lilies . This lovely painting has been beautifully reproduced on copper circular earrings which has a soft sheen and a unique cutout for a very cool look. The stainless steel French earring wires are nickel free and a great choice for anyone with metal sensitivities. Matching Cuff Bracelets are available for a special Monet jewelry gift set for yourself or your favorite Monet fan.

Monet Water Lilies

Claude Monet, French Impressionist Painter, 1840-1926 was born in Paris France. He is considered one of the forefathers of the painting style known as Impressionism. His early art career was boosted by his success as a caricature artist in which he did quite well. He later became involved with his own style and palette of colors and paints primarily landscapes. Claude Monet moved to Giverny in 1883 where he lived for the next forty years. His love of Giverny inspires him to paint many famous garden paintings including his beautiful and popular "water lily" themes.

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