Franz Marc Bewitched Mill Art Shirt - Clearance

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Limited Edition Franz Marc Art Shirt Printed with the 1913 Bewitched Mill Painting

  • All Season 3/4 Sleeve Shirt
  • Flattering Scoop Neck
  • Slightly Fitted Style
  • 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
  • Medium Weight Knit Fabric
  • Abstract Art Print on Front, Back & Sleeves.

Art Shirts Sizing Info:

Small: 32" - 34" Bust - 23" Long
Medium: 34" - 36" Bust - 24"
Long Large: 38" - 40" Bust - 25" Long
X-Large: 42" - 44" Bust - 27" Long

Note: Our Breeke art shirts are slightly fitted and taper at the waist. Please order a size larger than you normally wear if you want a looser fit.

Franz Marc painted The Bewitched Mill following a visit to the Italian town of Merano in 1913. The work's title refers to the magical harmony he sensed there between human life, represented by the houses and mill on the left, and nature, embodied by the lyrical region of trees and animals on the right. The rich abstract print has been hand silk-screened creating an individualized garment - no two are exactly alike! The scoop neck and slightly fitted cut of this art top is flattering and the ultra soft poly/cotton knit fabric is a joy to wear!

Recommended Care: Hand wash or Machine wash this art shirt on Gentle. Cold Water - Mild Detergent - No Bleach. Hang Dry.

About Franz Marc
Franz Marc was born on 8 February 1880 in Munich, Bavaria. His father was a landscape painter father and when he was 20, Marc enrolled himself at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. In 1903 and again in 1907 he visited Paris and copied the masters. It was there that he developed an affinity for the art of Van Gogh. In 1910, developed a friendship with artist August Macke which led to the founding of the Blue Rider group alongside Wassily Kandinsky. Marc continued to develop his painting and printmaking with the use of rich, symbolic colors. In 1914 he was drafted into the German Army where he was assigned to paint camouflage patterns to hide equipment from allied aircraft. Unfortunately he was hit by a shell which killed him instantly on March 4,1916. In his short lifetime, Marc made over 60 woodcut and lithographic prints and over 130 paintings of animals and nature characterised by bold colors.