Blue Morpho Butterfly Pin

Pin/Pendant Necklace Option

Cloisonne Blue Morpho Butterfly Jewelry Pin by Artist Steve King
1 1/4" h X 1 3/4" w
Enamel over Sterling Silver
Free Gift Box
Gift Wrapping available

Designed by Steve King, this Blue Morpho Butterfly pin is a beautiful representation of real Blue Morpho Butterflies and their iridescent blue wings! This is a large butterfly jewelry pin made of Sterling Silver and finished with fired Cloisonne glass enamel. We offer a special Pin to Necklace Converter for this Blue Morpho pin; just slide the converter over the pin's shaft, add the sterling silver chain and you have an instant Butterfly necklace too!

Free U.S. shipping and gift box are included. Matching Blue Morpho Butterfly Earrings are available!