Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Necklace


Olive Ridley Sea Turtle Necklace by Artist Steve King

  • Sterling Silver and Enamel
  • 1 1/4" h x 7/8" w
  • 18" Sterling Silver Chain -
  • 20" Chain Option
  • Free Turtle Jewelry Gift Box
  • Gift Wrapping is available.

Sea turtle lovers will be delighted when they receive this Olive Ridley Sea Turtle necklace as a gift! This beautiful sea turtle jewelry is made from lovely translucent green enamels over sterling silver and designed by artist Steve King. We also have matching sea turtle earrings that are available.

The Olive Ridley is a small sea turtle found primarily in tropical waters. Olive Ridleys are rare throughout most of their range are and are considered threatened, and endangered in their nesting Mexico population. The Olive Ridley is most famous for it's great nesting aggregations, sometimes referred to as arribadas. Although not all adult olive ridleys join arribadas, most do. While Arribadas are associated with strong offshore winds, certain phases of the moon and particular tides; nevertheless, there is a high degree of unpredictability at arribada sites.