Butterfly Eyeglass Holders

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Butterfly Eyeglass Holders in 3 Pretty Colors, Embellished with Crystals.

3 3/4" High

Hand Painted Resin

Embellished with Crystals

Great Gift Idea

Clear Gift Box Packaging

These Butterfly eyeglass holders are much like our other styles of Picasso's nose eyeglass holders but with extra pizzazz! Each butterfly eyeglass stand has a unique design and crystals for extra sparkle! These pretty eyeglass holders make great butterfly gifts and come in a clear gift box.

Your eyeglass nose pads rest on the front of the nose of the butterfly eyeglass holder. There is a slot in the back of the eyeglass stand for your eyeglass temples to fit in when they are folded. Free U.S. shipping.

Please Note: These eyeglass holders have glass crystals glued on and may not be suitable for very young children.