Buckeye Etched Amber Butterfly Earrings

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Sterling Silver & Etched Amber Buckeye Butterfly Earrings with Leverback Earring Wires

1 7/8" h x 1 " w

Sterling Silver Butterflies

Hand Etched Baltic Amber Wings

Sterling Silver Leverback Earring Wires

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Certificate of Authenticity & Amber Care Card

Our unique amber butterfly earrings have genuine hand etched amber in the wings and sterling silver leverback earring wires. This design was inspired by the pretty and spotted Buckeye Butterfly which is named for its conspicuous target-shaped eyespots and can be found in most of North America. It inhabits a wide variety of open, sunny landscapes including roadsides, gardens, parks, yards, agricultural land, scrubs, pine savannas, and weedlots.

Our amber butterfly earrings are handcrafted in small quantities by Artisans in the Baltic close to their source of amber. The amber is first shaped to fit in the Sterling Silver butterfly setting and then the process to create the marking in the butterfly wings is done. This intricate process involves hand etching the butterfly wing patterns and then heating the amber which then produces the dark color. This process is repeated 4-5 times until the artist obtains the depth and color of etching they desire. Each of the 4 amber pieces in the butterfly's wings is then polished and carefully set in the Sterling Silver butterflies and sterling silver leverback earring wires are added for a secure and sophisticated look.

As with all our Amber Jewelry, natural variations will occur within each Buckeye Amber Butterfly Earrings making them truly one of a kind. A Matching Buckeye Amber Butterfly Necklace with your choice of chains is also available for a very unique and special butterfly jewelry set.

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