Color Changing Folding Flower Umbrella

$26.95 Regular price $32.95

Auto Open/Close Floral Umbrella That Changes Colors When Wet!
Auto Open/Auto Close Umbrella
11 3/4" Closed
22" Extended 3 Piece Shaft
44" Canopy Arc, 38.5" Diameter
Durable Ribs w/ Fiberglass Tips
Matching Fabric Cover 

Our pretty flower umbrella has several special features. First, the white flowers turn to colors when they get wet! Secondly this compact floral umbrella has an auto open/auto close button that is not only handy to use but it will fix the umbrella canopy if it gets blown the wrong way! Simply push the auto button and the canopy will close itself. The third feature of this umbrella is the little cover over the auto open/close button that keeps it from accidentally being pushed. Just slide the cover around and the button is easily accessible!

Looking for a pretty umbrella or floral color changing umbrella gift? This fun floral umbrella will delight them and have them hoping for a rainy day!