Luna Moth Butterfly Necklace

Pretty Luna Moth Necklace Designed by Artist Sue Coccia for Zarah Co.

1 1/4" h X 3/4" w Butterfly Pendant

Enamel over Silver Plate

Nickel & Lead Free

18'' Silver Plate Chain

Free Jewelry Gift Box

Artist Marilyn Grame designed this exotic Luna Moth butterfly necklace for Zarah Co. who has crafted her designs into wearable art. The exotic Luna Moth is found only in Eastern North America and is one of our largest moths with wingspans of up to 4 1/2" wide! Like butterflies, the luna moth starts life as a caterpillar and spins a cocoon. From there it metamorphosizes into an adult moth which doesn't eat and only lives about a week, finding a mate and carrying on their short life cycle.

This unique butterfly necklace comes with a free gift box and free U.S. shipping.