Kandinsky Yellow Red Blue Art Scarf

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Wrap yourself or your favorite art fan in this contemporary Kandinsky art scarf featuring his Yellow Red Blue painting. 

  • Colorful Kandinsky Art Scarf in Light, Airy Chiffon
  • Hand Washable Fine Polyester Chiffon
  • 17" x 65" (43cm x 165cm)
  • Hand Washable Fine Polyester Chiffon
  • Information on Kandinsky and this Painting
  • Gift Wrapping is available.

For those art fans of Kandinsky we offer this light, airy chiffon Kandinsky art scarf featuring the famous Yellow Red Blue painting. Our Kandinsky scarves are 17" wide and 65" long, perfect for wearing as a shawl or belt as well as a scarf! With such rich colors and geometric shapes, you will find this art scarf looks great tied or wrapped in a variety of ways!

Wassily Wassilyevich Kandinsky 1866-1944 was an influential Russian painter and art theorist. He is credited with painting one of the first purely abstract works. At the age of 30, Kandinsky gave up a promising career teaching law and economics to enroll in art school in Munich. He was especially taken by form and color analysis and created paintings he referred to as compositions.

"Yellow-Red-Blue" was created by Wassily Kandinsky in 1925. This colorful painting has 2 distinctly different halves. The left side has rectangles, squares and straight lines in bright colors while the right side features darker colors in various abstract shapes. These two sides show different influences and are meant to create varied emotions in the viewer.