Hautman Butterfly Music Box - Woodgrain


Beautiful Butterfly Musical Jewelry Box with Hautman Butterfly and Flower Art.

  • 8"L x 6"W x 2.5"H
  • Wood Grain Finish
  • Velvet Lined
  • Padded Feet
  • 18 Note Sankyo Musical Movement
  • Your Choice of Tunes

Listen to Our Music Box Tunes  Listen To Our Music Box Tunes

Our beautiful Hautman Butterfly Music box has one of James Hautman butterfly paintings set in an attractive woodgrain finish. With a colorful variety of butterflies, a dragonfly, damselfly and even a bright yellow bumble bee among pretty daisies, this music box also doubles as a jewelry box.

Choose one of our popular tunes played by quality Sankyo music box movements and add a Greeting card for a personal butterfly music box gift idea!