Monet Lilac Irises Necklace


Delight your favorite Monet Fan with our Unique Silver Plated Monet Lilac Irises Art Glass Necklace, Designed and Handcrafted in the U.S. just for ArtistGifts.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 2" high x 1" wide,
  • Sterling Silver Plated Pewter Frame
  • Monet Water Lilac Irises Beveled Glass Tile
  • Choice of Silver Chain or Leather Cord
  • Free Gift Box
  • Information Card on Monet and his Lilac Irises Painting is included.

This beautiful elongated Monet necklace has all those special colors you love! Our Monet Irises necklace was inspired by one of Claude Monet's most popular floral paintings, his beautiful Lilac Irises. This Monet pendant is reproduced in detail on a beveled glass tile which is mounted in a sterling silver plated pewter frame. Choose the leather cord or sterling silver chain in 18" or 20" lengths. Give this Monet gift to your favorite artist or Monet fan or anyone who would like a Monet Lilac Iris art glass necklace! A gift box and information card about Monet and this painting are included. Made in the U.S.A.

Monet Lilac Irises

Claude Monet, French Impressionist Painter, 1840-1926 was born in Paris France. He is considered one of the forefathers of the painting style known as Impressionism. His early art career was boosted by his success as a caricature artist. It was not until 1857 when Monet met artist Eugene Boudin, who introduced him to the practice of painting in the open air, that he discovered an appreciation of painting landscapes. He developed own style and palette of colors and his work evolved into impressionism. Monet moved to Giverny in 1883 where he lived for the next forty years. His love of his Garden, the Seine River and nearby landscapes inspired him to paint his most famous garden and floral paintings. This beautiful and popular Lilac Irises still life was started in 1914 but not completed until 1917.

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