Van Gogh Irises Pleated Facemask


Premium Pleated Double Layer Van Gogh Irises Face Mask with Filter Pocket and Super Soft Ear Straps.

  • Double Layer Polyester Knit Fabric
  • Filter Pocket
  • 5" High x 8" Wide
  • Comfortable Ear Straps
  • Reusable - Hand Wash, Air Dry.

This double layer Van Gogh facemask is a great way to show your love of art during these difficult times! Beautifully printed with Van Gogh's Irises painting, this artful facemask has a slightly stretchy very breathable front with a soft 100% cotton back layer. There is a slot sewn in to add an additional filter and the ear straps are super soft and comfy to wear for extended periods of time. This is a premium quality mask you can wear over and over again - just wash with mild soap and air dry.

Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands, 1853 - 1890. He did not embark upon a career as an artist until 1880. Most of his best-known works were produced in the final two years of his life. He sadly died at the age of only 37.

Van Gogh's famous Irises painting was created in 1889. There are no known drawings of the piece, probably because Van Gogh did it as a study. It is likely that it was influenced by Japanese woodblock prints which were popular at the time and were produced in the 17th century. The use of dark contours in Irises is a typical element of these prints and helped to reinforce the expressive power of the painting. Irises is on the list of the most expensive paintings ever sold, selling for 54 million dollars in 1987.

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